I have just finished to read Dickens’s Tale of Two Cities, and I must confess that I she a few tears during the last pages, and a great deal on  the very last sentence. I am quite curious to watch film adaptations, but rendering the puzzling atmosphere of this novel must be something of a tricky tour de force.

But that is not why I am mentioning this novel – as you may or may not know, the Tale of Two Cities features a bloodthirsty Tricoteuse (those French knitting women who attended executions by guillotine during the French Revolution).

(Mais pourquoi la fleur de lys ?)

The notorious Madame Defarge indeed silently knits with bloodcurdling steadiness- besides, she encodes the names of the people she wants dead through her knitting (which I must say is pretty cool, I’d like to be able to communicate secrets by knitting and purling). She ends tragically, but then she is the villain of the story.

Anyway, if A Tale of Two Cities was a knit, it would be a gorgeous Phrygian cap of course!  A vibrant, slightly felted hat which would keep your ears warm, even during winter- and no beheading for you if you wear such a thing.

… I know what you thing… not quite the casual style, eh? Well, no worries, because some Ravelry designer actually created lovely Dickensian mice toys patterns (cf pictures above). You even get the nice Peggotty knitter!

Photo : Alan Dart


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