If you have made it to this blog, it means you are on the English version of a French knitting blog (congrats).

My name is Pauline and I will be living in Oxford this year, which is why I first decided to translate my posts into English (being now bilingual-knitwise). Some of them are not yet on this blog but are already translated, you can find them by clicking on the icon on your right.

(I want to thank the lovely French blogger Camille – who now lives in the States – for her advice. You can find her great knitting&sewing bilingual blog here).


Films and books are often my everyday life inspirations when it comes to knitting new projects, which is why the next post will be a knitted parody of a very famous film! Meanwhile, I am going to enjoy what seems to be a very sunny Sunday).


4 thoughts on “Bienvenue!

  1. that’s lovely! Are you studying in Oxford? I’m currently doing the OIB in France (don’t know if you know what it is, but here’s a good way to sum it up: SHIT) and I’ll be moving soon as well 🙂 hopefully you’ll enjoy it!

  2. I don’t know much about OIB, I’m certainly sorry you don’t enjoy it! What part of France are you living in? I don’t study in Oxford, I teach undergrads there. Leave me a message if you move there before July!

  3. woah you’re a teacher this is amazing! did you study in France or England? Do you have a PhD? I live in the south, close to Montpellier, where I study. It’s kind of cool but way too hot in my opinion (40 degrees in the summer? Christ I’m dead)

  4. I am a teaching assistant in French for some Oxonian colleges, thanks to an exchange programme with my Parisian school (so I studied in France). I think Montpellier is a lovely city ( I often go to Nabonne for my summer holidays) but yeah sometimes it is just unbearably hot!

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