DIY an almost solid gold headband


I told you just one post ago that I positively loved golden knitting yarns with a metal, precious aspect, and if there is silk in it so much the better (that actually makes up for my non-wearing of jewellery).

A few months ago, I found myself wandering in Paris yarn shop Lil Weasel and I bought one golden ball of Grace Yarn by Louisa Harding (made of silk and wool). I kind of yielded to my raccoon/squirrel/magpie impulse of stocking up on nice little things .

But what was I to do with one poor yarn ball?

I ended up making a gold&black headband, I really like this association of colours because it reminds me of the XVIth century, of French director Patrice Chéreau’s 1994 film La Reine Margot or of the tapestries of the Châteaux of the Loire Valley that can be seen around my home town.

I made it with a two-colour plait: it is just like making a normal cabling plait but with two-colour stitches

Shall I show you how to make one?

Gold&Black headband

Monter 20 mailles sur des aiguilles 4 de laine noire.

Cast on 20 stitches on no4 needle with black yarn.


p4, k12. , p4.

R2 and even rows

k (NB add the golden yarn from the second row : k4black, *k2gold, 2 black* x3, k4black, and from now on just knit the colours separately like for regular intsrasia).


p4. C8L (4 stitches on a cabling needle in front of the project, k4 and knit your cabling needle stitches), k4, purl 4.

R5 and R7 like R1


p4,  k4, C8R (cabling needle behind the project),p4.


like R1


like R2

Repeat the pattern until desired length and sew both ends. To be honest, at one point I became bored my technical two-colour plait so I just finished the project with a few rows of garter stitch (afterwards slightly gathered) for the top part of the headband. I made 4 stockinette stitches on each side of the headband, so I did a golden crochet border all around to prevent the headband from rolling up.

You can perfectly skip these 4 side stitches to make a thinner, simple plait, or you can do the side stitches in garter stitches.

Given that I currently sport a non-identified length of hair, I’d rather wear my headband when it’s tied back (and it’s good to protect my ears from the cold too).

Quatruple 26-02-14 à 22.20 #6

And last but not least:


3§, Article 243 of the Woolen Republic Code : any headband is essentially a snood for teddy bears!


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