Happy Mother’s Day


Don’t worry, I am not nuts, UK Mother’s Day is actually next week.

When my mum saw the cute Valentine catdoll I had made, she said she wanted a doll too, without being specific about the way it should look.

So I grabbed my tiny DPNs and made a mini-me doll.

Again, I based my project on the Tanoshi Toy patterns – big head and tiny legless body – and made a little doll sporting a soft yet slightly messy mop of hair (with Debbie Bliss Angel). I even tried to reproduce my wild hairstyle!


It also comes with trendy accessories, aka the charity shop acrylic hat which I have been wearing through the winter.

For the next doll projects, I plan to go for more normal body proportions to accessorize it more easily (because eh, that’s the fun part in knitting a toy) and I think I will knit it top-down for a safest, almost seamless toy.

Meanwhile, this cutie is going to be given to my mum in the form of a bag accessory to be carried around!


Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !


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