Introducing Simone (the) Peg

I am pretty sure Simone the Peg can  be submitted as Pun of the Month.



Today I will just show you a very quick and sweet project, the peg doll (as in, made from a peg, not the XIXth century toy). It is something I have seen quite a few times on Pinterest:




To make this kind of doll, you can buy a fair amount of wooden vintage pegs on ebay. You can even save some of them to add a vintage touch to your home decoration.



ebay Link (UK)


A dab of paint here and there and you have your doll (you may want to be careful about the face features just not to have a doll looking like a creepy clown). Mine is simply a ballerina (or a cabaret dancer) with a pompom skirt, but I really like the versions with fabric clothing.


It can also be a good craft activity for kids (but then you may end with a creepy looking doll ).




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