Gaspard, a French needle-felted bear



*Caption: in French “feutrés” means both felted and muffled… A pas feutrés means to approach without a sound…


After the workshop with Gretel Parker, I decided to try needlefelting at home, with French supplies sourced in the gorgeous Parisian shop Pain d’Epices (“Gingerbread”).

I made a 3D sculpture from wool instead of merino: wool felts more quickly but has a dry, fuzzy aspect – which I guess becomes a bit tricky when it comes to small details. I suppose one has to decide depending of one’s project.


The bear’s name is Gaspard simply because Mr Republic and I love giving human names to animals. It is obviously a Gaspard.

And you even get a bonus picture of the work-in-progress I had posted on FB:


I think I am okay with needle-felting, not so sure about igloo-making!


Have a lovely Sunday!


2 thoughts on “Gaspard, a French needle-felted bear

  1. What a cute little fellow! I agree, finding names for bears is lots and lots of fun! Is the finished result fairly robust, or is it quite fragile?

    I’m very impressed with your felting needle – it looks almost as scaring as my traditional wool comb for making worsted spun yarn. Better not leave that thing lying around where small hands can find it!!

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