Upcycling Granny’s dress




When I spotted this dress (left) in Reign Wear, probably my favourite vintage clothing shop in Oxford, I just knew I had to buy it.

But once at home, I eventually realized it was way too long, with an ugly plastic belt and  an uptight schoolgirl look, complete with long sleeves and rond collar.

Still, I liked the fabric, the lovely pleats that became fashionable again like two years ago –  and it was a polka-dot dress! So I just thought a little upcycling could save it from rubbish or from an indefinite, unattended stay in my wardrobe.


Problem: it is not like I do not like sewing, rather sewing does not quite like me:






To cut a long story short, and being without Cinderella mice, I took my efficient though rather unemployed  sewing machine (Janome Green) and started to work on the dress.


I eventually shortened the dress to knee-length, trimmed the sleeves adding red bias binding and above all, I got rid of the ugly belt and made a red cotton one.


To be 100% honest it is not yet perfect BUT I can wear it with a smile AND it actually matches my Almodovarish Chie Mihara pumps.


And now, a photo of me in the dress – a huge dose of old-fashioned sexism might be hinted here.






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