Spinning with a Fantasia wheel

I have been busy for the last few days practising my latest passion!

My birthday gift this year was a fantastic spinning wheel! Not an old thing bought from a garage sale with a warped wheel but a brandnew machine, ie the Fantasia by Kromski that I found on a secondhand website from a young woman who had decided spinning was not her thing after all. As for me, I am still busy trying to convince my friends I have not turned into a crazy survivalist but that it is a true, noble hobby.


So this is a Fantasia:


Obviously, it does not look like a vintage item, I wouldn’t have minded because I am rather fond of Saxony-like/princess spinning wheels – it has a modern, curvy design and it just works perfectly.


I have been sitting on my baclony looking on the sea with a (gorgeous! sensational!) BFL roving from Oxford Fiberworks and I pumped away on this two-treadle beauty.



A moment later, I had some yarn on a bobbin:



The key-thing about spinning is the same as in knitting, crochet or sewing: it’s all about getting the right tension!

Here my yarn is not perfectly even but it is fine – it is a single yarn. To make it more resistant it has to be plyed with another yarn.

And here again, tension is the key – the tension is not quite even on my skein – I tend to underply.




And lastly, a tiny knitted gauge where you can see the irregularities – but I am happy with my skein, it is warm and soft and will make a cool project.



I am currently spinning part of Coco’s fleece – Coco is a lovely alpaca from Oxfordshire, I will show you the result shortly.


This is what I see from my balcony (Ploemeur, Brittany).




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