Apologies for the short interruption of the blog, I have been rather busy and the two knitting projets I am currently working on are quite long and slightly tedious to make  (one is all 1×1 ribbing, the other consists of monochromatic granny squares).

But today, I wanted to deal with a very major knitting issue: stashbusting. Because, with food just like with yarn, it is not satisfying to only achieve grand projects: one has to skillfully cope with leftovers.




Any knitter, crocheter or seamstress, any crafty person repeatedly faces this problem: the absolute necessity to get rid of remaining yarn balls, to bust their stash, in a word to clear the place and to stop stocking yarn – for a (little) while.


Why leftovers?

Two major causes account for this strange phenomenon. The first and the most obvious one is simply that it is impossible to foretell the exact amount of yarn that is needed for a specific project. Even if it was the case, because yarn is mostly sold in 50/100grs balls, some projects merely require and in-between length of yarn.

The problem is that beside this mathematical fatality of knitting, a lot of knitters actually make their cases worst by compulsively buying and stocking single balls of yarn for which it is eventually very hard to find a satisfying project.


Hence stashbusting.


a) Granny squares: a lot of knitters enroll in granny challenge to bust their stash by knitting a great deal of squares that will eventually turn into throws/blankets, bags, tops, pillowcases etc.




Of course, you’d better be into vintage design and gypsy fashion. But it is pretty cool.


b) Babywear: with one ball of slightly less than a ball, it is quite easy to make a baby hat or baby booties and anyway babies do not excatly mind gaudy clothing.


c) Les amigurumis : while amigurumis often need specific shades of yarn for the main body (flesh/fur), their clothing is completely up to you – who will complain should you decide to make an orange&purple&navy jumper for a doll?

*Also works for pieces of clothing for toys.

d) Generally speaking, stashbusting applies for all kind of accessories for which you do not feel too picky about colour palettes: slippers or headband for your gym workout or your skincare sessions.


Any other suggestion?